A message from our APD School Resource Officer

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It’s hard to believe that another school year is upon us!

As some of you know I am the Amherst Police Department’s School Resource Officer. This will be my 4th year at Spring Street Academy. My role is to work with the staff, students and parents to support a safe learning environment. The purpose of this letter is to raise awareness of an ongoing safety concern, what we are asking of the students and parents, and the follow up action you can expect.

The high traffic volumes during the times students are dropped off and picked increase the risk of a child being struck by a vehicle. Traffic signs which restrict/prohibit parking/stopping are in place to address this safety concern.

There is a “No Stopping” zone on the west side of Charles Street from the intersection with Spring Street to the cut in. The cut in is designated as a “No Parking” zone.

On the east side of Charles Street there is a “No Stopping” zone from the intersection of Spring Street to Dunlap St. which prohibits stopping at specified time periods. This is to prevent children being required to cross the street after being dropped off.

In a “No Parking” zone you can stop your vehicle just long enough to, give your child a kiss and then leave the area. In a “No Stopping” zone you cannot stop for any reason, even if it is just a few seconds to drop off your child. Parking is available at the bottom end of Charles Street past Dunlap Street, and the bottom end of Academy Street and Dickey Street.

The “Staff Parking” Lot is designated for staff only. Parents are not to use the staff parking lot as children use the staff parking lot to gain access to the playground.

APD officers and school staff will be monitoring the area for compliance. Officers will be conducting enforcement which could include the issuing of a ticket. This is all being done to ensure the safety of your children. Please help to keep your children safe by obeying the posted traffic signs and arranging for a safe location to meet your child. Encourage your child to use crosswalks and to be alert to possible roadway dangers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to a safe and fun year!

Cst. Michelle Harrison

School Resource Officer

Amherst Police Department

902-667-7227 mharrison@amherst.ca